Poring Canopy Walkway, the highest in Sabah

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Poring Canopy Walkway is not for those who have height phobia. The canopy is over 175 Meters long and 41-43 Meters in height, which is higher than a 8-floor building. I wonder if any 9-life cat can survive the fall. Next to Poring Hot Springs, the Canopy Walkway of Poring is the 2nd favorite activity of tourists.

entrance to Canopy Walkway of Poring
The entrance to Poring Canopy Walkway is about 835 Meters away from park entrance. It is open from 9am to 4pm daily.

Ticket inspection counter of Poring Canopy Walkway

Ticket inspection counter
Above: the Ticket Inspection and Registration Counter of Canopy Walk.
Please note this is NOT a ticketing counter. If you didn’t buy any ticket, you will have to turn back to buy it at park entrance, or you can buy the 2-in-1 entrance ticket (Canopy Walkway + Butterfly Garden) from Butterfly Farm about 20 Meters away.

signage of Canopy Walkway
The entrance fee of Canopy Walkway is RM3 (≈USD0.90) for Malaysian adult, RM5 (≈USD1.50) for foreigner. Add another RM5 (≈USD1.50) camera fee if you bring a camera with you. You can click the signboard picture above for all the fees and detail.

start of trail to Canopy Walkway
After the ticket inspection, you still need to walk 550 Meters on a gravel trail to go to the starting point of the Canopy Walkway.

nature trail under canopy
The walk to starting point will take about 30 minutes. Just relax and go slow. It will help if you wear comfortable hiking shoes and carry some water. You better bring your umbrella just in case it rains.

tree species label
Along the way, you will see many trees labeled with species tag. I’m not a botanist, so it’s meaningless to me.

trail to Canopy Walkway of Poring
The trail is ascending route but it’s not very steep. As I walk under the shade of dense canopy, I didn’t feel tired.

big canopy
Above: a tall tree with huge canopy

shelter hut for resting
After 350 Meters, there is a small shelter (named “Pondok Tagaut”, Pondok means Hut) for you to sit down and rest.

view of Canopy Walkway from the ground
There was nobody around. I walked quietly, suddenly I heard girls screaming above. I looked up and saw the canopy walkway. No kidding, it’s really high.

starting point of Poring Canopy Walkway

first tower of Canopy Walkway

Very soon I reached the tower (named “Pondok Manggas”) where the starting point located.

starting point
Above: the place where you start your first step
The canopy walkway is narrow and only can take 6-people load at a time.

Canopy Walkway of Poring
The canopy walkway is a suspension bridge constructed with ropes, steel cables and a series of aluminum ladders bolted together. Laced with polyester ropes, the open rungs of ladders are covered with walking plank. Netting enclosed both sides for additional security.

tree-top tower of Canopy Walkway
The bridge is connected between 3 super-big trees of Borneo rainforest such as Menggaris (species: Kompassia excelsa) and Seraya (Shorea sp). This is the first tree-top platform.

2nd platform of Poring Canopy Walkway
75% of rainforest animals spend their time on forest canopy. Some of them never come to ground, so canopy walkway is great for observing these animals. The tree platform is supposed to be a good spot for bird watching, but I didn’t see much, probably the birds are less active in late morning.

view from Canopy Walkway of Poring

tourists on Canopy Walkway
The walkway is an elastic structure, so it will bounce and swing when we walk on it. Some find this thrilling, while some think it’s scary.

view of canopy from top
Isn’t it exciting to see tree crowns at your eye-level?

look down from Canopy Walkway
Above: My heart skips a beat when I look down
This is what it looks like when you are over 40 Meters off the ground. That’s why people with height phobia, hypertension or heart problem are not advised to try this, though it’s a safe activity. It’s the worst nightmare for height phobia.

kid have fun on Canopy Walkway

However, I notice that kids enjoy canopy walkway more than adults. Most adults just walk carefully and busy imagining that they would fall.

family on the platform of Canopy Walkway

You may watch the 2-minute video below to get a feel of the experience:

Click Here for bigger video

Site Map of Poring Hot Springs
Site map of Poring Hot Springs
You may click the picture above to see bigger map.

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Photos taken in Poring, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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