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This afternoon I just got back from Kota Marudu. I have taken some interesting pictures of 2-day Pesta Jagung (Maize Fest) there. Please give me some times to organize and upload them. Very tired… please allow me to be lazy today. At the mean time, please enjoy the photos of Pesta Papaya and Pesta Padi. My house has been a great gathering spot for those birds coz they can find fruits and leftover rice of my dog. Amazingly, they are very punctual every day and never late. Many people got thousand-dollar watches but are not as punctual as these animals.


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  • Hahaha Same as the chicken and birds at my place too.

  • Smoke Head

    I also want to attract some seagulls but dunno how.

  • Tradewind

    seagulls… dead fish smokehead.. thats what u need