Miss Borneo

Miss Borneo
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I had a One-night-stand at Shenaningan of Hyatt Hotel. I mean I stand there for the whole night to take photos of Miss Borneo beauty pageant. Borneo is the 3rd largest island in the world, and it includes Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Kalimantan. But the furthest contestant was from Tawau. Probably others live too far away and couldn’t make it. They started with a number of 34 contestants, and only 12 of them entered the grand final on Aug 15.

Miss Borneo
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There were 3 rounds for the contest, i.e. (1) Casual Wear and Introduction, (2) Beach Wear, and (3) Q&A. At first I thought they wanted to select a Miss WWF, coz many questions and conerns were related to environment conservation and protection. It is a good idea too, as it is easier to let liang moi (pretty girl) to stop the men from doing bad things to the nature.

Miss Borneo
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Shenaningan is a small place to run a beauty pageant, but it turned out quite ok coz I could move closer to the stage for photo-shooting. The only problem was – there were a few overexcited drunken cats tried to be funny, kept on shouting, which interrupted the ladies to answer questions. The MC was annoyed and had to ask them shut up and zip their mouth.

Miss Borneo
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The contest was from 10PM to 1AM, and it was on Wednesday. At first I was reluctant to go, coz I needed to work on next day. Anyway, my vision is to make MySabah.com got the most complete collection of all beauty pageants in Sabah. So here you are. The new one keeps on coming so it is like a never-ending mission. I am very curious what other beauty contests that I never heard of (please let me know). There are more than 40 beauty pageants in Sabah every year (Check out my blog on Pretty Girls category if you don’t believe me). If every contest offers 3 prizes, there are 120 prizes for the winners to grab. Sabah is really a place that has lot of great opportunities to the beauties. If you care to join, who knows you might earn a Miss something title.

Miss Borneo
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The Result
Miss Borneo Shenaningan (middle): Contestant No. 4. Rit (Tuaran)
1st Runner-Up (left): Contestant No. 10. Nina (Kudat)
2nd Runner-Up (right): Contestant No. 6. Mimi (Penampang)
Miss Personality: Contestant No. 8. Emelda (Kota Kinabalu)
Miss Photogenic: Contestant No. 11. Lulue (Kota Belud)
Miss Averine: Contestant No. 1. Joanna (Tawau)

News Clips
Overseas Chinese Daily News (Jul 18, 2007): Miss Borneo Beauty Pageant
Daily Express (Aug 4, 2007): 12 finalists for Miss Borneo Shenanigan title
Daily Express (Aug 18, 2007): Miss Borneo Shenanigan

Photos taken in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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  • hocksonglim

    I am just wondering how many beauty pageants held in Sabah every year. Are there really so many beautiful girls in Sabah? or we are just seeing the same faces over and over again?

  • Hahah! A Sabah beauty pageant collection, that’s a great idea! I trust you will do great with it. I still have the archive of Miss KK 1998 web site that we did way back (the one with Carol in it?), if you’re interested, email me 😀

  • Administrator

    hs, sabah does have many liang moi but not all of them r keen 2 join beauty pageant. that’s y a few girls have become “professional” contestants.

    hi lorna, i only want carol’s photos. just kidding. ya oh, i almost forgot abt it. it was like almost 10 years ago. time passed so fast.

  • yeah….. sabah have many beauty and pretty lady…. hope i can see all the pageant contest if have time….

  • MichaellaS

    tks for the effort you put in here I appreciate it!