Kung Fu Mantis

I took this video at Tuaran Crocodile Farm. It is so funny that it deserves another blog entry. There is one famous old Chinese idiom “stopping a car with mantis arm”, which describes a person who overestimates his power and ability. Now I believe mantis is really a creature like that. Mantis Fist is also one of the popular Chinese Kung Fu (So in theory, you can defeat a Mantis Fist fighter with a car).

This praying mantis came from nowhere when I busy taking pictures of a python. I tried to take its photo and it attacked my camera several times (probably it saw its reflection on the len). Then it attacked the python and the small crocodile. The poor reptiles could not counter attack coz their mouths were sealed.

The crocodile was really freaked out coz the mantis attacked its weakest spot, the eyes. Everytime the crocodile blinked its eyes, the mantis would attack its eyes (I heard that the mosquito bite to crocodile’s eyelid can make them very sick). After getting several painful mantis fist, the crocodile decided to do something to end this.

Before you view the video clip for answer, probably you can guess the result of the fight between 10KG Crocodile and 10g Mantis:
A) The crocodile flee.
B) The mantis killed the crocodile.
C) The crocodile broke the seal and ate the mantis.
D) Smoke Head ate the crocodile and mantis.
E) None of the above

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