Kunak Hot Spring

The east coast of Sabah seems to have many underground thermal activities. Besides the sulphurous hot springs in Tawau Hills Park, there is also a hot spring in the Sungang Plantation (oil palm) of Sime Darby near Kunak town. Mosquito is a problem there so you need to bring your insect repellent.

This is the source of the hot spring.

If you look closer, you could see water flowing out of the rocks.

Due to security concern, Sime Darby does not actively promote this attraction. They only try to preserve it.

The water is quite hot, probably hot enough to boil an egg. You can see steam coming out of water.

Vincent could not wait to try the hot spring. Since no bikini babe available, I used him as the model. The water is not very hot if you stay further from the source. The water looked a bit murky. It’s supposed to be clear water.

The volcano boulders around give you a hint about the hot spring. The hot spring is the result of underground thermal activity.

View of the hot spring.

There is a cool stream next to the hot spring. After you have enough fun with the hot spring, you may try the cold water in the stream. Be warned, you would get thermo shock.

Small hut next to the hot spring.

Frankly speaking, this hot spring is not really impressive. I blog it for your info only. A new saltwater hot spring is discovered lately on the high ground at the Sime Darby plantation in Tingkayu at some 650 feet (around 216 metres) from sea level, that one is more unique.

This hot spring is inside the private land of Sime Darby, it is not for walk-in visitors. If you are interested in visiting or look for tour info, please check out www.darvelbay.com.my.

Photos taken in Kunak, Sabah Malaysia

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