Choosing a Good Web Address

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Good Domain Name

If you want your shop to be profitable, the MOST important success factor is LOCATION, second is LOCATION, and the third is also LOCATION. Many know this. Same case to domain name, it is your address on the Internet. However, when it comes to choosing a web address on the Internet, many do not give a serious thought. Unfortunately, this also happened to Sabah travel-related companies that count their promotion via the Internet.

I have been selling expired good domain names and earn thousands out of it. I once sold a domain name for nearly RM5,000 (I bet the buyer was not a Malaysian). If this figure surprises you, consider which was sold for 7 millions US dollars. The fact is simple. Investing in a good web address is same as getting a good property.

There are a few basic rules on selecting a good domain name for your business. If you plan to be a webrepeneur, learn it.

1) The Name Should Be Short and Sweet
For example, look at the domain names below. Could you remember them well?

Any name that is longer than 10 characters is a pain to type or remember. If your company name is too long, consider using the abbreviation. For example, use for Kudat Golf Marina Resort.

2) Easy to Memorize
Keep in mind that most of the Internet users are not from English-speaking background. Even people well educated in English can easily misspell certain words. For example, is supposed to be a good name. But there are many who do not know the word “tourism” ok. Use simple English words that even kids know.

3) Avoid Characters and Numbers that Cause Confusion
Just imagine if your users will get confused if you say your web address over the phone or radio. Avoid using dash and numbers if possible.
For example,
– Users will go to Well, Maybank got million$ to advertise their URL, do you?
– Sound like
– Note the extra S. Consider register too.
– (without dash) is a better choice.

4) If possible, Register both .com and, and other Similar Names
This is to prevent the hackers from registering another similar domain name to cheat your customers or hijack your web traffic. For example, if you own, you should register (if available). I hold a big number of .com domain names. Besides spam, I end up receiving a lot of private e-mail, financial statement, and even love letters e-mails, which were mistakenly sent to the domain names that I own. This is true story. Don’t get me wrong. I have no intention of invading others’ privacy. I am expecting domain buyers contact me via my captured address. FYI, .COM (about RM60 per year) is cheaper than .COM.MY (RM100 per year). And forget about those .Net, .CC, .CN, .BIZ domains… they are junk.

5) Use your Address
If your domain name is, then you should make use of * I am really puzzled that many Malaysia companies own a .COM but still using those funny e-mails as their business addresses such as,,, TM.Net and Yahoo are not paying you a cent. Why do FREE advertising for them? Aiya, use your own name lah, to build your online brand and identity. Don’t make your business looks like a budget limited company.

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