Chewy Candy Caterpillar

Chewy Candy Caterpillar
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This bug has been puzzling me since I first saw it in Kota Kinabalu Wetlands in year 2010. Finally I find out it is a caterpillar with a funny name “Chewy Candy Caterpillar“, probably a Cheromettia species (Limacodidae). This caterpillar does look like a candy, but I’m not sure if it is chewy because I don’t think I want to put it in my mouth. 🙂

Chewy Candy Caterpillar

Cheromettia Sp. (Limacodidae)

Before that, I always thought caterpillar was hairy and ugly. This one is kind of… cute. Agree?

Photos taken in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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  • jipp

    oh wow. I used to see a lot of them when I was a kid. Too bad they are not a common sight nowadays.

  • Hi Jipp, do they come in various colors? It’ll be fun if I can gather these candy caterpillars in different colors and get a nice group photo. Or I can feed them orange, blueberry, banana, etc. to turn them into different colors. :-p

  • Harold Herberth

    What a cute little bug…lol!

    The name.. hmmm Candy caterpillar? so strange..

  • This is because it looks like a type of chewy candy 😀