Borenos Fried Chicken, the Sabah Brand Fast Food

Not all fried chicken taste the same. Working in travel industry for some years, I’ve been hearing many tourists, especially those from Australia and China, say that fried chicken of Sabah tastes better. I think Freshness is the key. Though people of modern cities are so used to frozen food, such thing is a big turn-off to Sabahans and our taste-buds can tell it in first bite.

Yummy Fried Chicken of Sabah

Everyone loves Fried Chicken

However, only one or two international food chains hold the fame of making the best fried chicken in Malaysia, but now they will face a new contender, Borenos, a Sabah homegrown Fried Chicken Restaurant, which uses daily-delivered farm-fresh chickens (No overnight freezing!).

The golden and crunchy Fried Chicken of Borenos

I have tried their meals twice, and I highly recommend their Signature Spring Chickens & Potato Platter. You might notice that their chicken is smaller because Borenos uses spring chicken, which is younger but with more juicy and tender meat, for the best taste.

Set meal of Borenos Fried Chicken

The chicken is fried to have a crispy and golden brown coat that locks the juice. What I like the most is – it’s less oily and won’t give my stomach a “greasy feeling” after meal.

Meals by Borenos Fried Chicken

They also have a good variety of set meals and other dishes such as Mashed Potatoes, Rice, French Fries, Fish & Chips, Potato Platters, Coleslaw, Wedges and Soup-of-the-day (kids meal set is available).

Potato platter

Their dangerously delicious Potato Platter makes me eating non-stop like a paper shredder that never feels full. It’s highly addictive when eaten with Nacho Cheese. You have been warned.

Borenos Fried Chicken the fast food by Sabahans

Borenos Fried Chicken is a Halal Certified Outlet

The food of Borenos is certified as Halal. They also use only Non-GMO ingredients (GMO food is genetically modified food that may carry some potential health risks). We are what we eat, so we have to be highly selective with food that enters our body. The restaurant is really clean too. I can see their effort trying to keep a high standard in food quality, safety and cleanliness.

Borenos Fried Chicken in Grand Opening Day

Borenos Fried Chicken at Asia City Complex

The name “Borenos” is derived from the words “Borneo” and “S” from “Sabah”. Not only it’s the first ever local fast food restaurant in Sabah, most of its ingredients are sourced from the best local produce and farm-fresh chickens. Borenos just started in Mar this year, but it has won many rave reviews among local foodies.

Air Bandung (Drink with rose cordial syrup)

Besides soda and other hot and cold drinks, they also have some local favorites like Air Bandung and Milo Dinosaur.

Coleslaw of Borenos

Some say their coleslaw is one of the best in city and a must-try too. The cabbage is fresh and crunchy. I like it. I’m not a salad person, so I’ll let you to judge. The following are the menu of Borenos (prices as of Aug 2015). You may visit their website for latest info and prices.

Menu of Borenos Fried Chicken (page 1)

Menu of Borenos Fried Chicken (page 2)

People queuing up for the RM1.00 chicken promotion on 8 Aug. It was sold out in half a day.

Currently Borenos Fried Chicken has one outlet at Asia City Complex (a.k.a. Star City North). I’m sure they will do well locally and globally and open more branches in future.

Family dines at Borenos Fried Chicken

The following is the info & contact of Borenos Restaurant:
Address: G23, Star City North Complex, Jalan Asia City, 88000, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia (opposite Cititel Hotel)
GPS Coordinates: 5°58’31.4″N 116°04’24.0″E (see Location Map)
Opening Hours: 10:00AM – 10:30PM daily
Tel: +60 88-486623
Instagram: borenosfriedchicken

The only way to find out if a food is yummy is to try it out. It’s made for Sabahans, so take great pride in eating it. 😀

Photos taken in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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